Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wednesday night

Ello Ello on this wednesday night. I finally have a day off tomorrow, so i am totally living it up, and by living it up i mean staying up late watching tv knowing that i do NOT have to get up at any certain time. Although i hate sleeping in past 11, cause then i feel as if i wasted the day. I do not know what my plans are for tomorrow, probably doing some grocery shopping for my cute saturday dinner that im going to cook. Im cooking Vegan mac and beef to celeberate DNA Model Management being interested in meeting with me. I've been sending my pictures in left and right to all the top agencies, and they actually got back to me. So hopefully this is my shot! And it gives me an excuse to cook, which i LOVE doing all too much. I'll make a great housewife someday, ha!

Silly self portrait, i was a bit angry this day. ha!


  1. you are gorgeous!

    xo, C

  2. DNA!! oh yeahh it was just clear you would get in touch with the big agencies! ohh i'm soo excited for you, i wish you ALL the best, you'll make it!



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